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Make fitness training your purpose Group Fitness

Group Fitness exercises are easy and fun as they get you on your toes and helps in acquiring great company!
The Group fitness range of limitless work out options facilitates small group training using interesting target oriented workouts. These mostly include HIT (high-intensity training primarily Cardio), functional and a mix of strength training. What is important is during a pre-defined slot a number of structured training are conducted in power intensity environment.

Group Fitness basically includes a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 exercises. Though different HIT trainers chart the workout regime based on the endurance and challenge level, however, most of the time it's 35-40 seconds set with an 8-10 min regain break.

This kind of training brings out the best in you and exhibits your competency, confidence which are trained with partners and group both. The PIT, Uppercycles, known for total body impact training, indoor cycles, for a group ride and amazing digital experience that exercisers want to use, workout and measure their tolerance and competitive levels.

Perform beyond perfection Accessories

Records are made to be excelled!

Being strong accessories are created for facilities who want to offer their members a cohesive workout training zone and experience that athletes love to retain and re-experience time and again. The plethora of products which caters to such evolving trains is basically Pylo boxes, Punching bags, Free weights, Bars and rings, Core bags, Resistant tubes, Stability rollers, Gym balls, Kettlebells, Dumbells and more.

These accessories are some of the key tools that help exercisers support their training with lifts/jerks/jumps, suspend and squats. In order to complement the power of the exercise, the accessories MUST support them equally and hence they need to be highly durable, resistance enabled, grippers, superb chemical mold supported and more and we @ being strong ensure our accessories are supported by each of the above.


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